Hi everyone! I’m super excited this week, as I get to finally share one of my friend’s home renovation story! What makes it even more special is that this is the first time I’m featuring a renovation story outside Malaysia! Let’s see how the rest of the world renovates 😉

So, my friend, AN, has settled in Adelaide, and bought a house recently.

The house was built in 1994, and AN bought it in August 2016. It was a well-built house, and it was supposed to go on an auction, but AN put in an offer the vendor couldn’t refuse!

To put it in perspective, AN bought this house after living in an apartment for more than 10 years. Essentially this house was for his little son to grow up in, and the location is perfect – beautiful, and zoned to one of the best schools in Adelaide.

When AN first got the keys, the house was functional and livable. However, AN decided to make some changes in order to “spice things up” as it was looking a bit dated and tired.

Some pre-renovation photos:

kitchen renovation

Kitchen looking a tad tired

Nice tiles but a tad dark

Bedroom curtains that have seen better days

The first thing AN did was to change the flooring at the entry, study room and dining/kitchen area. From the pics you can see the tiles are actually flawless and in working condition, but it does make the area very dark and old. So, AN decided to change it to vinyl.

Preparation for vinyl flooring. The existing tiles were grinded and made flat with a layer of concrete.

Vinyl flooring

Installing the vinyl flooring

Looking much better with a the vinyl flooring, brightening up the place

Next, AN tackled the lights (the house was a rental property by the previous owner and one can tell that minimal care was taken with regards to the aesthetics of the house!)

“They look disgusting” AN, on the lights in the house, and I can see why.

AN changed the lights to a more contemporary look to match the Scandinavian/mid century look that he was going for.

New pendant light in the kitchen lifts up the place

New pendant lights in the bedroom. AN also got a set of bedsheets to compliment the theme. “Small cost, big gain” AN noted.

Next up, AN painted the old backsplash in the kitchen himself, which cost him $150. Painter’s quote to do same job? $1,000!

backsplash kitchen

Before and after pics of the backsplash – a simple coat of paint did the job

Another major thing that AN did was to change the curtains to plantation shutters:

I feel the shutters really give it a tropical island feel, don’t you think? 🙂

So, we have come to the end of Part 1, hope you have enjoyed the story and photos. What I liked about AN’s renovation is that he was aware that he had a limited budget, hence he made the decision to renovate on the things that would make the most impact. As AN said “People should know there are lots of renovations you can do that doesn’t cost a bomb”.

Now, stay tune for Part 2!