Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 be our best year yet! After a hiatus during the Christmas/school holiday period, this blog is back and stronger!

I thought I will kick off the new year by updating this Ultimate List (see below), in response to all your contributions. Thank you to those who shared your recommendations with me, because of you, this list is growing!


For some time now, I’ve been wanting to create a list of what I call “A Few Good Men”. The idea is to pull together a list of all the good contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc whom I’ve come across during my own home renovation, and also those recommended by my experienced friends.

I envisage this to be a running list, as more genuine recommendations come in, I will add on to this list, creating a “Hall of Fame” page 🙂

So here goes:

Interior Contractors:

1. Jimmi Leong from L Image Interior Contracts

Jimmi was Nigel’s main contractor who worked on the major reno work such as plaster ceiling, hacking, wiring, window grille and plumbing.

Some of his works:

Nigel said “The contractor…easy going guy and had plenty of new ideas, including coming up with the concrete wall idea”.

Living room industrial style

You can read more about Nigel’s home reno here.

The contractor’s contact: 019 9349 415  Email at limage.interior.contracts@gmail.com

2. Steve 012 305 5030

Steve did my home renovation, and he literally did everything, including plumbing, electrical, carpentry too!

Some of his works:

U-shaped kitchen with a white and wood theme. Carpentry work done by Steve too.

Lighting effect recommended by Steve.

He delivered right on time, and I find his pricing reasonable too. You can read more about my home reno here.

3. Mr Ho @ 012 607 0895

Mr Ho did one of the boutiques in Taman Tun that I went into. The interior was done very nicely, which was why I asked the owner who for their contractor’s name. The owner was full of praise for Mr Ho, said he was very good and efficient, and managed to renovate their entire boutique in just 3 weeks!

4. Mr Wu @ 012 2013 898 

Christina recommended Mr Wu, who did most of the work for her apartment renovation. He had good project management skills and handled all her extra requests promptly and logically.

6. Kenneth Chin @ 016 986 8705

Kenneth was recommended by Tam. He was her house contractor, and also contactable via email @ elitechinmarketing@hotmail.com


1.Malvin Wong @ My-Carpenters, 012 610 8312

I came to know about Malvin through one of my family members. They do both commercial and residential projects too. Some of their works:

This was at Naza Tower @ Platinum Park. Malvin did all the fittings including furniture, curtain etc

You can also check out their website here.

They have uploaded many of their past project photos there, as they have been in this industry for a long time now, and their workmanship looks good 🙂

2. Sam at Bespoke Kitchen Sdn Bhd 017 218 6660

Sam did Nigel’s carpentry work. Nigel chose Sam because he saw many good reviews from them and their workmanship looked good after a visit to their office/showroom.

Some of their works for Nigel:

Shoe cabinet with unique recess area. According to Nigel, the carpenter Sam, was a great guy to work with, great patience, attitude and also friendly.

Dry kitchen with white and green 4G glass combination and quartz counter top

They have a facebook page that you can check out here for more details.


1. Yap @ 016 351 3466

Yap is a plumber and he also does painting works. Wilson first engaged him to find out why his unit wasn’t getting any incoming water. The plumber, Yap, came and investigate the situation and fixed the problem. Wilson said he was trustworthy and affordable.


1. Ah Che @012 208 5364

Ah Che also helped Wilson when he discovered smoke coming out from his fuse box. Ah Che came to fix it quickly and he was also very affordable.

2. William @ 013 369 4399

He is a lights supplier but also provides light installation service at Kepong/ Desa Park City area. Overall helpful and nice guy.

Air Con services

1.Mr Chaw @ 012 238 5745 

Mr Chaw serviced my air con, and also came to my colleague’s rescue when her aircon conked out. He is clean and thorough, which is what you need when you service your aircon.

2. Alex @ 019 216 4459

When Mr Chaw is not available, my back-up contact for air-con is Alex. He can be quite busy, so best to book him early.


1. Ah Wai @ 017 781 2556

Everyone needs to have at least one locksmith’s number on hand, for those times when you get locked out of your apartment/bedroom/toilet at the most inconvenient time (midnight/Sundays/just back from holiday). If you don’t have one, key it in now.

2. Mr Lai @ 016 306 8161 

Their call out rate can be quite expensive, so make sure you ask the price before calling them over.

Interior Designer

Pocket Square @ 010 430 2798

Pocket Square was recommended by JiaYi, who mentioned that Pocket Square not only design, but also has a panel of contractors to build for you too. I visited their website here, and their sample works look good!

Seshan Design 

Louise recommended Seshan Design, who designed and renovated her house. She said her house was completed on time and on budget. I checked out Seshan’s website here, and turns out they were the ones who designed Huckleberry Cafe in Damansara Heights, and I’ve always admired the interior there, especially their blue-grey counter. They also designed Bowery Petit restaurant and Chinoz On The Park. When I can afford it, this is one ID I will be ringing!

There you have it, a few good men (trying not to be sexist here, just so happen that all the ones I know are men!). I will keep adding more in the coming weeks. Stay tune!