As you can see in Part 1, the unit was quite bare. For the renovation work, Nigel engaged with the following contractors, who delivered a great job.

“After hearing so many horror stories of rouge contractors, I’m blessed to have engaged them (the contractor and carpenter)” Nigel

The main contractor that worked on major reno work such as plaster ceiling, hacking, wiring, window grille, plumbing, was from L Image Interior Contract.

“The contractor name is Jimmi Leong, easy going guy and had plenty of new ideas, including coming up with the concrete wall idea”.

For carpentry work, Nigel chose Bespoke Kitchen Sdn Bhd (Sam), because he saw many good reviews from them and their workmanship looked good after a visit to their office/showroom.

Here are some Work-In- Progress photos: 


“This wall had a lot of potential because it’s the longest wall in the unit, so I thought why not go for the concrete look. Checked around for faux concrete slab and artisan feature wall coating but both were too expensive, ranging from RM14 – RM40 psf. Then Jimmi suggested why not strip away the paint and skim coat to see what’s beneath, told him to proceed after some consideration since there’s nothing to lose” Nigel


“Since we were choosing concrete then I might as well go with the industrial theme. This is my el cheapo sketch, brick wall and scissors grille for the effect. Friends say I’m crazy to put such grille inside the unit, I thought why not right? Can act as partition to cut down “Chi” from main entrance plus gives the unit some character” Nigel


Work began with wiring then plaster ceiling. The small wall ahead being prep for Suzuka Brick Tiles.


Plaster ceiling up. 2 recess added in dining area for downlights, where it will be painted black.


Hardworking uncles chipped/hacked away existing paint and skim coat revealing concrete slab beneath.


Applied 3 coats of waterproof sealant to prevent dust from these raw concrete. These are waterproof used in wet areas before tiling.


Erected a wall for master bedroom, this is where the king size bed will be.


“Requested my contractor to paint light box’s edge with matte black paint. Too much white on ceiling is too boring. ‘Shadows are the cheapest form of art’ ” Nigel


The brick tiles from Suzuka. “Almost complete, needed some adjustment because some gaps are quite obvious. I’m supposed to cover the gaps with white colour grout but chose to leave it in this state due to contrast between tiles and cement base” Nigel


Arrival of the laminate flooring. He used Kronoswiss 12mm with V groove. “Chose them because of their wood selection plus it’s Made in Switzerland”


Let’s get to work!


Looking good so far. V groove helped gave it that wood effect.


It took them 2 days to complete the laminate flooring.

In the next post, I’ll show you guys the finished product! When I saw the pics, I was totally in awe and so in love with it. Stay tune!